Mobile first solutions to help organisations inspire, educate and attract talent


We are a profit for purpose social enterprise.

Why? We believe we can help make a positive impact on the skills crisis and UK Plc.

How? By forming strategic partnerships and helping clients attract, educate, inspire and connect with talent.

What? Simple mobile/web app technologies that all stakeholders will want & like to use.


Benefits to Employers

  • Simple social impact solutions that also connect you with young people
  • Enables companies to motivate students to learn about careers and opportunities
  • Creates future talent database
  • Helps meet corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Simple resources to support school engagement initiatives

Benefits to Partners

  • Simple, cost effective way to develop a mobile learning solution via proven technology
  • New revenue generating opportunity
  • Helps meet corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Part of an existing network of applications used by young people

Benefits to Teachers

  • Simple GCSE curriculum CPD resource
  • Careers ideas resource, along with the life skills that students will need to acquire
  • Example employers provide context and career pathways
  • Help improve all students understanding and results
  • Fully inclusive tool as 99% of students will have a smartphone
  • Positive ASE review Feb 2016 see HERE

Benefits to Students

  • Provides multiple ways to learn
  • Improves understanding and results by providing the building blocks of knowledge via the key terms
  • Empowers students as they become familiar with the technical language of the subjects
  • Provides invaluable practice in reading and answering questions under time pressure
  • Provide a fun element which supports learning and revision
  • Can hopefully inspire them via the careers ideas
  • Can motivate them to learn and connect them with employers



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